What I do

My work often begins with a phone call from a someone who needs to do something on the internet: anything that’s web-based rather than desktop- based.

I then focus on the problem in hand, and propose a range of solutions. My client can then make an informed decision and select the appropriate resolution. The process of identifying the client’s requirements and exploring the possibilities continues until the client is happy with a refined set of specifications based upon their chosen solution.

Hosting and domains are completely free as part of my web development service.

As far as the client’s concerned, that’s most of the difficult work done.

Based on the specification, I then design and create a solution - during this time the client is kept in the loop to ensure they are happy with what is being crafted! Depending on the complexity of the project, it may be implemented on our staging area or as a prototype to invite client reviews and feedback. This procedure continues until the client is ready to sign off the solution. At this point I deploy the solution along with any required training or marketing.

Hosting and domains are completely free as part of my web development service.

Furthermore, I offer applications made military grade secure with SSL, support and maintenance contract for easy budgeting and peace of mind.

I create new websites and refresh or update existing ones of all sizes and complexity, secure with SSL, if necessary. As part of the service, I also offer free domain and hosting management, with a fully managed web site solution.

My websites come complete with Google Analytics tracking code (to analyse visitors' behaviour on the site and facilitate usability improvements), as well as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The development starts with assessing the requirements, suggesting designs and features before starting work on an agreed preliminary design. I work with professional web site designers to bring you the most suitable design for your website needs.

Once your website is live, I offer a further maintenance and support contract for piece of mind and easy budgeting.

My websites come complete with the Google Analytics tracking code in place, (to analyse visitors' behaviour on the site and allow for improvements to be made.) as well as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

I also work with HTML5 and CSS3 where necessary. Either of these can provide a suitable medium to create applications or websites for a particular platform (e.g. iOS) or group of people (e.g. company intranet). Send me a message if you are interested in finding out more about this topic.

Blogging is used for various purposes all over the internet. But to benefit from blogging, be it financially or otherwise, it must be done professionally.

With many years of experience in deploying Wordpress blogging platform to various sizes and complexities, I provide assistance to bloggers in the initial setup of a blog platform and customise it's look and feel to make it part of their existing site, if required. I can also apply custom tweaks that is usually not possible with of-the-shelf setups.

I create to your specifications

There is no magic to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), nor is it inaccessible or an unachievable luxury. What you need for effective SEO is simple, honest, original content.

The web sites and web applications that I create integrate the SEO considerations from the design stages, which in turn make them more search engine friendly and optimised.

Additionally, I offer website visitor analysis to refine SEO.

Search engine optimisation is crucial to present your website or web application with better exposure and a chance to compete in the marketplace, regardless of whether you provide goods or offer a service.

SEO alone can’t give you what you want from your new website. SEO can only attract visitors to your site - it's your site that should keep them there for as long as possible.

I am an experienced Google Analytics certified engineer and can help improve visitor engagement with your site.

If you are not attaining the expected returns from your site, Google Analytics can assist you in finding out visitors’ behaviour on your site.It is particularly important to see how visitors interact with your site: for example, whether or not they follow your intended path and where exactly they leave. You can also see if they follow it through to conversion and if they don't then the reasons why. More importantly, you can understand what can be done to change their behaviour to benefit you.

I am an experienced Google Analytics certified engineer and can help improve visitor engagement with your site.